Training & Coaching

Individual instruction in machine and software

According to the motto:

"Good training saves a lot of time and problems!"

we give our customers everything they need to be successful with their embroidery right from the start.
This means for you that you will receive an instruction - especially tailored to your needs - in the operation of the machines, embroidery preparation, embroidery technology and handling of the software.

For this purpose we have set up a special training room in which you and your employees are taught all the necessary knowledge in a cosy, relaxed atmosphere.


Our trained personnel will guide you step by step - at the speed that suits you - through the preparation, operation and maintenance steps of the embroidery machines.
If you also purchase software from us, we will of course - as a certified Wilcom distributor - also explain the handling of the software including embroidery technology and data transfer.

Of course, our work is not over after the training. Our customers know that we are always happy to help and advise them. We help you with difficult embroideries or technical problems either by phone, by email and by TeamViewer (computer-to-computer connection) or personally and free of charge within our possibilities.

If you would like further training later on, due to company restructuring, employee changes or other reasons, then we would be happy to offer you this as well. Just make an appointment with us.

With the team of CCS GmbH you always have a competent partner at your side, who helps you to successfully manage and expand your embroidery.